4 Benefits of Tubular Fencing

pillar and tube fence

If you’re looking to improve the security and style of your home with fencing, tube fencing should certainly rank high on your preference list. As well as adding a personal flair and providing increased security to your home, there are a range of other benefits tubular fencing can offer. Tubular fences are adaptable enough to fit with almost any home and you’ll find that they are extremely reliable. Read on for just a small sample of the great benefits that tubular fencing offers!

1. Low Maintenance

When manufactured using galvanised steel, tubular fences become a solid powerhouse able to resist most natural forces and weather conditions. The process of galvanisation provides you with the strength and durability of steel while removing steel’s susceptibility to rust and other weather damage and therefore galvanised tubular fences require very little maintenance while still being able to withstand anything from storms to wildfires. This makes tubular fencing really take some of the pain and frustration out of owning and maintaining a fence and moreover, the process of galvanisation also makes the fencing pest and insect resistant!

2. Variety of size options

Tubular fences come in all kinds of sizes depending on your needs with the most common ones reaching 1.8 metres high. However, if you feel this doesn’t quite suit you, plenty of other sizes are also available and some even get to 2.5 metres offering you all the privacy and security you could ask for. While a whole range of sizes are available for the fencing, keep in mind that the size of the gate is important and you should be careful to choose one that suits your situation best depending on how frequently it will be used and the nature of the area it’s constructed in.

3. Sturdy

If you’re looking for something strong and robust then you don’t need to look much further than tubular fencing, especially if its steel tubular fencing. They are usually galvanized to make then last longer and be resistant to weather elements, and they do not show any signs of weakness over time. Additional coats can even be applied to further enhance the style of the fence and add a further splash of beauty to your home.

4. Wide range of design options

There are plenty of different construction options available when using tubular fencing to suit the architecture of different buildings. There are also a wide range of colours to choose from when installing a tubular fence so you won’t have to compromise on your taste or preferences to capitalise on the security and strength of tubular fencing. Whether you are thinking of having diamond cut lattice work, or multiple colour schemes, tubular fences can be designed to match just that.

Here at Adelaide Fence Centre, we can provide your home with a graceful feel while keeping unwanted guests away with our fantastic range of tubular fencing options. Our professionals are highly experienced and can help you add the perfect fence to your home right down to the particular colour and design.

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