The Advantages Of Tubular Fencing

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Adelaide Fence Centre Manufactures Tubular Fencing

When it comes to fencing, Adelaide Fence Centre has your back. We know fences inside and out and we can tell you everything you need to know. Tubular fencing is a great option to suit many needs. It has many advantages depending on what you’re looking for. Tubular fencing is something we manufacture right here at Adelaide Fence Centre in a variety of styles, and we do custom design. Tubular steel or aluminum provides numerous advantages and can be perfect for situations such as kid-safe fencing around a swimming pool.

In addition to safeguarding a family pool, tubular fencing can be a great option for around your home or business as well as to fence in your garden or yard. The number one advantage you should consider right away is the durability: tubular fencing lasts many years! Tubular fencing is made with a unique coating of zinc or is galvanized. This makes this form of fencing weatherproof and rock-solid tough. Unlike wood or other forms of fencing, tubular fencing isn’t going to deteriorate in harsh weather.

Another big advantage to tubular fencing is how low maintenance they are. You don’t need to be out tinkering at them or fixing them all the time. Once we install your fence you’re good to go! These fences will stand up fine to flooding, fire, storms, heavy rain or anything else. Insects and animals can’t damage a tubular fence either. At the end of the day it brings real peace of mind to know the fence you’ve chosen is solid and dependable.

Endless Tubular Fencing Designs

Design options are almost endless. Tubular fencing doesn’t have to be generic and we can design patterns that really complement the style and theme of your home and the area you’re fencing. There are so many styles and designs of tubular fencing: taper spear, neat, regent, horizontal design, loop spear, Manhattan O, Grand XOX, Avon, to name just a few. There are numerous possibilities that will show you that a tubular fence can be a stylish and classy option in addition to a highly functional one.

You also have a broad range of choices when it comes to shape. Tubular fencing can be made that’s square rods, rectangular and circular. Whatever you decide to go with depends on your taste and on what you’re wanting to achieve. In some cases you may be attaching a tubular fence to an existing section of fence, the edge of a building or other structures. This can end up influencing your decision of what to choose when it comes to the shape of your tubular fencing.

Fencing Made To Australian Standards

All tubular fencing is made to Australian Standard requirements as well, of course and powder-coated in-house by our team of contractors so you can be confident of high quality. D&D Technologies MagnaLatch is also a great feature that is out of reach of toddlers and kids and makes sure to shut tight when you close the gate. With all these features we’re confident that tubular fencing can be a great solution for your fencing situation! We hope this short guide has been helpful and encourage you to give us a call at (08) 8243 4300.

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