Installing a Colorbond or Tubular Fence? Avoid these 5 mistakes.

The installation of a new fence is an exciting time. Here at Adelaide Fence Centre we fully understand that – and we share in your enthusiasm! Having said that, however, there is the possibility of getting caught up in overenthusiasm and making key mistakes that can cripple your project. Here are the five top mistakes you need to avoid if you’re planning to build a new fence.

1 – Insist on high-quality fencing materials

This is number one, because without the right materials even the greatest idea won’t be successful. Make sure to consult with our staff about what you want to build your fence from, its dimensions including height, and the look you want to achieve. Adelaide Fence Centre has everything you need and then some. If you want to do it yourself, we’re here for you. We design, construct and manufacture fencing that fits every need under the sun, from pool fences to tube fencing.

2 – Make sure you know exactly where your property line ends!

This exact problem has sunk many a fine project. Although you may feel quite certain you know where your property ends and your neighbour’s begins, but sometimes surprises occur. You also need to make sure you know your zoning laws as these can affect fence requirements. Review an official city or town plan that shows your property line and build slightly shy of it, so as not to go over the line. If you build wholly or partly on a neighbour’s property you could face fines, legal fees and have to rebuild. Nobody wants that!

3 – Install fence posts deeply and very securely

Our expert fencing contractors at Adelaide Fence Centre always make sure fence posts are in securely and firmly anchored. If you buy one of our do-it-yourself kits pay special attention to setting posts when using a posthole digger. They have to withstand all seasons and potentially high winds, so they should be a minimum of two feet into the ground anchored in by a layer of gravel and concrete that’s level with the ground. You also should measure your fence beforehand very carefully and know where your posts go and where any custom cuts are required. Another very important thing is to never start hanging your fence until the posts are thoroughly and completely set. If you do so your fence could sag, and nobody likes a saggy fence!

4 – Plan ahead and adjust accurately for any slope

Slopes can be a real deal breaker, even small inclines. Almost every yard has at least a tiny slope and this can make a huge difference on your fence. You need to account for the slope and adjust panels and posts so that your fence will sit nicely along the terrain. If you’re installing a fence with vertical pickets or bars, for example, you can make them all end up the same height by having them different lengths to fit the ground. To do a proper job on this you’ll need surveying equipment and advanced skills, so if you’re dealing with some inclines you should contact our Adelaide Fencing Contractors.

5 – Make sure gates are just right

Gates can be one of the best parts of your fence, but they can also be a real headache if they aren’t done right. Make sure you choose the best location for your gate and get a size that will work well for you. If you’re only going to be walking in and out you can choose a smaller gate, but if you’re going to be wheeling in wheelbarrows or want to back a truck in the yard you want to get a wide gate or two panel gate that swings out. Keep in mind that your gate is going to have a bigger strain on it than the rest of your fence. You want strong hinges and secure posts to fix your gate nice and upright and stable. If there’s a slope, make sure one side is higher so the gate doesn’t only open halfway. We have the know-how and the materials at Adelaide Fence Centre, so you’re in good hands.

Keep Adelaide Fence Centre in mind the next time you are on the fence about where to shop for fencing. We have everything you need and 21 years of experience making fence dreams come true! We support our local economy through on-site manufacturing and are very proud to offer Australian-made fencing products of the highest quality. Adelaide Fence Centre is here for all your fencing needs!



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