Whether you Should use a Fence or Retaining Wall for Your Front Yard

Retaining Wall

Whether you Should use a Fence or Retaining Wall for Your Front Yard

What you choose to build around the boundary of your property is an important final touch in framing your home. If you’ve just finished renovating or building it’s important to make sure that your investment is complemented as well as possible by your choice of boundary. Your choice will not only affect the aesthetics but also the level of privacy, security and protection from the elements. With so many options though, it can be hard to know what will give your home that extra wow factor to tie everything together. In this article we’ll take you through some tips for getting the best option for your yard.

Choosing a fence for your front yard

Before anything else, the style of fence is important to consider. It’s important to ensure that the style of fence you choose will act as an extension of the home, accentuating its unique charm. A poor match can have your fence sticking out like a sore thumb. For example, a traditional picket fence would look odd paired with a contemporary home. Remember that a fence is a big decision and shouldn’t be rushed into. We’ll provide some popular options, but if you’re still unsure remember you can always chat to the friendly staff at Adelaide Fence Centre for more advice.

As mentioned, picket fencing is a traditional style option and pairs well with traditional or casual home designs. It can be great for adding to the charm of a cosy looking home. Plus, it’s easy to colour coordinate with your home or garden.

Glass fencing is a very stylish, contemporary fencing option. For a front yard, it’s best paired with a carefully maintained yard as it will all be on display for anyone walking by. Generally, it’s great for pool fences but can be pulled off as a front fence with a modern looking home and a manicured front garden.

Brick is the classic reliable option. It’s durable, easy to install and an inexpensive option for fencing. When combined with other materials and rendered it can make for a very stylish and contemporary design choice. Brick is a surprisingly flexible option allowing you to create a unique impression with your home.

Along with these common popular options, there’s also security fencing, steel, aluminium, timber, concrete, PVC and even bamboo. The options are limited only by your surrounding design, tastes and of course budget.

Why choose a retaining wall?

Some of the fencing options we’ve listed may be familiar, but have you ever considered a retaining wall as a fencing option? Sometimes it isn’t possible or practical to fence a yard due to a sloping block or erosion issues. You may also just prefer the style. There are a wide range of materials available for retaining walls to give different looks. It’s possible to build a retaining wall yourself if it’s for aesthetic reasons, but if you need one for support purposes its highly recommended to have a professional take care of it.

When you’ve got an idea about what to use for your front yard, make sure to talk to the fencing specialists at Adelaide Fence Centre. Our knowledgeable staff can help steer you in the right direction if you’re still sitting on the fence after reading this. Or if you’re already set on a type and style for your yard, they have all the know-how to help you bring your idea to life.

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