How to Install a Colorbond fence

Colorbond Fencing

How to Install a Colorbond fence

Colorbond fencing is one of the best options for Australians looking to spruce up their home, because Colorbond fencing is specifically designed for and tested to withstand the Australian climate all year round. It also comes in a diverse range of colours and panel patterns created to reflect the natural colours of Australia.

Installing a Colorbond fence is very achievable, provided you have the right materials, tools and a helping hand. For the installation, you’ll need your Colorbond infill panels, fence capping, screws and top and bottom rails for materials. You’ll also need the following tools:

  • Angle grinder;
  • Clamps;
  • Cordless drill;
  • Gloves;
  • Pencil;
  • Safety glasses;
  • Saw horses;
  • Spirit level;
  • Tape measure; and
  • Tin snips.

Step by Step Guide

The first step is to install the bottom rail which you will insert the Colorbond panels into. Take the rail and insert it between the first and second post. Utilize your spirit level to make sure it’s level. Once you have determined that it is, use your drill to screw through the post to secure it into the bottom rail.

Now you can prepare to insert the first panel. This is much easier done with a helping hand. Starting at the corner, take your Colorbond panel and insert the bottom near the end post. Tip it so that it stands at an angle and then push it firmly down into the bottom rail. Make sure it is flush with the post.

Once that is done, it’s time to insert the top rail into the first panel. Do this by taking the top rail and inserting it between the first and second post so that it fastens the first first panel. You will notice the Colorbond panel has a groove that allows it to be pushed into the top rail. Do this for all the grooves except the last one, which we will use to secure the next panel.

Now you’re going to repeat this process to insert the next panel. Start by inserting the lower part of the panel, so that its groove overlaps with the one on the last panel. Insert the second panel into the bottom rail, and push the top rail down firmly to fasten the second panel. Repeat this process until three panels are secured to in between the top and bottom rail.

The next step is to secure the top rail. Once the panels are inserted, give the top rail a firm push downwards to fasten them. Utilize your spirit levels to ensure the top rail is level. Then use your drill to drill screws through the posts at either side of the panels to secure the top rail.

Now install the other panels. Repeat the previous steps to install the bottom rail, infill panels and the top rail until most of your fence is complete.

Finally, you may find that there is a remaining section where a standard-sized panel will not fit. If this is the case, measure the distance between the two posts, mark it with your pencil at the top and bottom of the panel and draw a straight line in between with your spirit level. Using your safety glasses and gloves (ear protection can also come in handy), use an angle grinder to cut the panel to the correct size by cutting along the line you marked.

Using your measurements from the leftover panel that was cut to size, measure and mark them to be placed onto a rail for the top and bottom of the fence. Place the rail onto your saw horse and use the angle grinder to cut the two rails to the correct length.

Now it’s time to install the last panel by inserting the bottom rail between the two posts. Once it is level, use your drill to fasten it wit screws. Insert the last panel and secure it with the top rail. Finally, use your drill to screw it into the posts so it is secure.

The only remaining step is to push your fencing post caps onto the posts. This is relatively straight forward unless you’re fitting them onto half posts – in that case, use tin snips to cut the side of the cap and then break it in half so that they fit on the half posts at the ends of your newly-constructed fence.

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