How Security Fencing Can Keep Your Students Safe

Tube Security Fencing

Security Fencing – How to Keep Schools Safe

Schools are an important part of neighbourhoods for both students and the community. While they are easy to access by students and the general community this, unfortunately, puts them at risk to vandalism. Security fences have become popular for school administrators looking to protect their schools. Here we will explore some of the benefits of using security fences for schools and why tubular fencing makes an excellent option.

Decreases in Vandalism

With no form of security fencing, gaining access to a school after hours or during holidays is often not difficult. Unfortunately, this makes schools a prime target for opportunistic acts such as vandalism. Vandalism is often an impulsive act whether because an easy target exists or as a result of students wanting to impress their friends. While not impossible to climb, security fencing can act as a strong deterrent to vandalism as it is far harder to climb than a standard small fence. Statistics-wise, schools that use security fencing see less incidence of vandalism. Thus the investment in security fencing can help reduce the costs of removing graffiti or repairing broken windows.

Safety of Students and Teachers

The safety of students and teachers is a major concern for school administrators. As stated, it is usually not difficult for the general public to access a school grounds. Because of this people tend to use school grounds as a shortcut or wander around. While most people won’t pose any threat to students there are people that may be a danger. Security fencing can reduce the risk of your students coming into contact with unsavoury individuals from the public. Teachers and school administrators are also reminded of their duty of care. This is a legal duty owed by teachers and school staff towards students. It holds schools accountable and imposes a high standard of care. In a nutshell, the duty requires principals and teachers to take reasonable steps to minimise the risk of reasonably foreseeable harm. A great way to meet this is by providing suitable and safe premises.

Management of Student Movement

Security fencing is great not only for keeping people out but keeping students in. Especially in high schools, the temptation for students to skip classes or leave the school grounds for lunch is always there. With typical small fences, it’s child’s play for a student to wander off-grounds and potentially get themselves injured which can cause an unwanted liability issue for the school. With security fencing, it requires fewer teachers to watch the school perimeter to check for students coming and going.


When using tubular fencing as a security option, schools can take advantage of an elegant looking solution that still offers a high level of security. Plus, tubular fencing won’t give a closed-off, barricaded feel that brick fencing can give and instead provides the appeal of an open facade. Tubular fencing can stand up to all manner of weather conditions depending on the material used it can also be an inexpensive option. The flexibility of tubular fencing allows for a wide range of style and colour choices. So you can add a splash of style and colour to your school and help make it a safe and inviting place for students.

When carried out by the professionals here at Adelaide Fence Centre, security fencing is a breeze to install. Depending on the size of the area it can be erected fast with minimal impact to school operation.

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