Galvanised and PVC Coated Chain Mesh Fences

Adelaide Fence Centre can supply and install metal chainmesh fencing to suit most projects. Whether your fencing project requirements depend on security, cost or appearance, you can rest assured that Adelaide Fence Centre has the fencing contractors and supplies to suit your needs.

Chainmesh fencing, also known as wire mesh fencing, wire netting and chain link is one of the most widely used style of metal fencing, particularly for commercial projects such as schools, airports and factories. Chain mesh fencing is also versatile and is the standard choice for property owners, developers, building contractors and government departments.

Since 1993, Adelaide Fence Centre has been recognised as large fencing project specialists. We have our residential, commercial and government clients’ lots of money, but don’t just take our word for it – check out our projects gallery and see for yourself .  Generally, we recommend chainmesh fencing as a cost effective product for commercial and residential applications.

Chainmesh fencing is a versatile product suitable for applications including:

  • Factory Enclosures
  • Building Sites
  • Sporting Grounds
  • Tennis Courts
  • Security Fencing
  • Internal Factory partitions
  • Crick Practice Nets
  • Softball and Baseball Nets
  • Temporary Protective Fencing

Benefits of Chainmesh Fencing include:

  • Very Flexible – Can be easily fitted around objects such as building columns, trusses, air conditioning ducts, and can even be installed on sloped land.
  • Long Lasting– Lasts a long time and needs very little maintenance.
  • Highly DurableGalvanized Steel has many benefits.
  • Secure – Protects against intruders and animals.
  • Easy to Extend – extra fencing can be matched with your original fencing for future extensions.
  • Easy to Relocate – chain mesh fencing can be easily relocated as your fencing projects change.

Why Choose Adelaide Fence Centre For Chainmesh Fencing?

We only install the highest quality chainmesh fencing – that is why we have in business for over 21 years and trusted by thousands of South Australian’s as leading fence contractors. All our chain link fencing features the following:

  • Galvanised Steel
  • PVC Coated
  • Available in a range of heights and styles
  • Standard and Heavy Duty Mesh Available

Australian Standards

All our chain mesh fencing complies with the Australian Standard for chain link security fencing AS1725-2010 parts 1-5.

Chain Mesh Fencing & Wire Supplies

Not only does Adelaide Fence Centre manufacture the highest quality chain mesh fencing, but we can also supply you with parts for DIY fence installations and fencing kits, including but not limited to:

  • Fittings;
  • Gates;
  • Fencing Wires;
  • Fencing Pipes;
  • Fencing Posts;
  • Chainwire; and
  • Mesh Rolls

How much does chain mesh fencing cost?

Adelaide Fence Centre is dedicated to providing you with the best price on chain link fence installation. To determine how much chain mesh fencing costs, we first establish what the best type of fencing for your project is. Generally, there are three types of chain mesh fencing – these include stainless steel, aluminium or zinc coated i.e. galvanized steel. Each is considered in turn below:

Stainless steel chain fencing: this is the most expensive kind of chain link mesh fence but also the most durable. We install stainless steel chain fencing where a high degree of performance is required such railways, factories, airports or highways.

 Aluminium chain fencing: this is the second most expensive kind of chain mesh fencing. It is durable, can withstand the test of South Australian weather, resists corrosion and lightweight. On average, you will get 25 years out of an aluminium chain mesh fence.

Galvanized chain fencing: this is the most common type of chainmesh fencing and perfect for residential and private projects. Galvanized chain fencing has many benefits – chief among them being low cost.

The second part of figuring out how much a chain mesh fence costs to install is the gauge of the wire and framework. Gauge is a measure of thickness – a higher gauge is more durable but costs more due to increased material costs. Typical wire gauge is between 15 to 20 – the higher the number the thinner the wire. For most of our industrial and commercial projects, we use 11.5, 11, and 9 gauge chain wire.

Lastly, we consider the size of the mesh opening since mesh diameter plays a critical role in the integrity and strength of the fence. The smaller the size of the diamond is the stronger the fence will be – however this requires more materials and results in greater costs. Typical chain mesh fencing diameters come between 50-60mm.