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Pool Fence Laws in South Australia

All swimming pools in South Australia are required by law to have pool fencing or barriers in place to restrict access to young children. This requirement is enforced by your local council.

In South Australia, pool fencing laws are spelled out in two Acts:

  1. For swimming pools built before July 1993, The Swimming Pools (Safety) Act 1972
  2. For swimming pools built after July 1993, The Development Act 1993 and associated regulations.

Swimming pools built prior to 1 July 1993 must comply with current standards before your house is sold.

However, pools built after 1 July 1993 only need to comply with standards in place at the time approval for building the pool was made.

It is the home owner’s responsibility to ensure these standards are met before the property is sold. 

So, what happens if you don’t meet the standards?

If you fail to ensure safety standards are met prior to selling your home with a swimming pool, you may face a maximum penalty of  $15,000.00. With that being said, it is considerably less expensive to buy cheap pool fencing from Adelaide Fence Centre. The price of pool fencing panels, is far less than the fines imposed by your local Council, not to mention lawyer’s fees.

Adelaide Fence Centre recommends the following types of fencing to ensure your house is compliant with The Development Act 1993:

To learn more about the required safety standards required in the Australian Standards, read this blog article or visit the sa.gov.au website.

Do I need to notify the Council if I am building a swimming pool?

Absolutely. If you are installing a new swimming pool in your backyard, you or the builder must notify the Council upon completion and before filling the pool with water. Notification is also required when approved swimming pool child safety-barriers have been completed. A failure to comply to comply with the above notification requirement may result in a maximum penalty of $4000.00.

For more information relating to pool fencing laws and regulations in South Australia, please contact the experts at Adelaide Fence Centre. With over 21 years of experience, we can ensure your pool fence installation is compliant in every way. Call us on (08) 8243 4300 or request a quote.


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